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As our Church Copyright Licence does not permit the inclusion online of music either played or sung within our "whole service" recordings below, the musical elements our worship within the whole service recording have been removed. However, the whole service CD recordings (including the songs) are available to loan at the church for private home listening. We apologise if this spoils your listening to our recordings online.




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"The Spirit brings Life"

Acts Ch 2 v 1-6 and v 14-21

in two parts



"Our Churches 95th Anniversary- 

"The Church Family"

Ephesians Ch 3 v 1-21

in two parts



"Ascention- Jesus the King"

Acts Ch 1 v 1-12

in two parts



"Disciples together"

Acts Ch 1 v 12-26



"The disciple who foreives"

John ch 20 v 19-23

in two parts



"The disciple who doubts"

John ch 20 v 24-31

in two parts



"The disciple who accepts change"

John ch 21 v 15-19

in two parts



Easter Sunday

"Easter Sunday"

John ch 20 v 1-18

in two parts



The Eastern Area Baptist Association also has a YouTube channel (Click here) which features a range of videos including sermons, reflections and news within the Baptist Community.


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