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Cream Tea

On Saturday 11th June we held an afternoon cream for the fellowship and local community to celebrate the queens 90th birthday. A rain filled start threatened to mar the afternoon of food, music over the years (as well as some patriotic tunes)  quizzes and good conversation. However, God made the clouds disappear mid afternoon resulting in a gathering that was well attended and enjoyed by all. 

Summer BBQ

22nd July 2017

1pm to 4pm (food cooked until 3pm)



People eating is often mentioned in the Bible from the early old testament feasts through to the feeding of thousands and of course the Last Supper. Continuing this theme, we come together again this summer for our annual BBQ which will (as ever) be open to our fellowship, those who attend our weekly activities and especially those unconnected to the church who live nearby.

We pray for fine weather and that the afternoon can  show that “even Christians” can enjoy ourselves.

More importantly, we pray that God will use the BBQ to show His love through our attitudes and conversations as we socialise together.

thank you

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